Chinese Anime – Reflection of Crescent – REALLY (*A*)

This will be a very short, incoherent post!

When I click on the link to this Chinese animation (so the title said) I admit… it was because of that BL at the end of the title..

I meant.. I am truly a hardcore fujoshi.. so yeah… I just can’t let BL/YAOI be…

I scrolled and read the comments, they were all positive (while waiting the video to load). So I click play and….. I was speechless!! THIS?!! CHINESE ANIMATION!!?? THIS WILL NOT BE A PHONY I HOPE!!!

sjksjkasdklamsdamsdlkask I SQUEAL!! I meant… THIS! IS PURE AWESOME! I meant the trailer… and if it’s not a phony. I hope the anime will have this quality for real! if not… I don’t know… maybe will be zetsubou for a long time since the trailer is this awesome… and again…if it’s real. I hope it is…

This is the 2nd BL anime I’m looking forward to this 2011 .. a new BL anime I meant.. (Sex Pistol ova 2 is obviously on my waiting list) Number one is 世界一初恋  ~~ Hope these two anime will make me believe in a good animation again… cause Togainu no Chi was so horrible I don’t even….

Like my friend said (nadz-chan)

Togainu no SHIT!

*shot* but it’s true!!

anyway… that’s all about it. I hope the CV for this anime will be good too. I hope… haha~



EDIT : Pfft.. it’s almost the end of 2013… well there’s 4 more months before we entering 2014… and still no news about this Chinese doujin… herm… I actually have abandon the thought of wanting to watch this. I doubt it will be air since I think China didn’t really approved of BL. welp. conclusion, just give up on this doujin peeps. ahahaha orz


~ by Ami Yusof on February 11, 2011.

52 Responses to “Chinese Anime – Reflection of Crescent – REALLY (*A*)”

  1. question it says 2011 but WHEN THE HELL WHAT MONTH DX DAMN!!!! I TOTTALY WANNA SEE THIS BAD!!!

    • I don’t know too… orz

      It will be less frustrating if they told us the exact DATE for the release of OVA 1! orz…

      Lets hope we will get the news soon =3

  2. OMG When I was soooo excited about Togainu no Chi I thought “OMG THIS IS GONNA BE AMAZING!” =_=;; Total fail to life and all good yaoi out there. *facepalm*
    Hopefully this 1 will be amazing. . .Not gonna get excited cuz I don’t really wanna be disappointed again. *Sigh*

    • LOL I never expected anything with Togainu no Chi… I don’t know why. I watched it because of the seiyuu (especially Midorin) and well…as the result I was in despair… it’s a total failure for me..

      I hope so! and hope that this will get the release date soon ^^;;

  3. OMG! This anime looks interesting (*_*)! Why there aren’t infomations about when it’s going to be released? This is stressful (=^=). However, I love the character design and the animation. I think it’s a well-made anime (or so it seems). Too bad it’ll be just a OVA! I’d like more episodes (ù.ù). Let’s hope they’ll release it soon!

  4. Kyaa ! When … ? I realllllly want to know ! I so hope this isn’t a phony ….

    • I don’t know either… but if you are a member of Aarinfantasy…They said they will subs it once it’s available!
      So we can check them out~ x3

  5. i’m not really a fan of BL (or yaoi for that matter), but i’m always a fan of hot anime manly-man’s~!!! i might just get into this, if it’s even real!!! PLEASE LET THIS NOT BE FAKE!!! {\>.</}

    • LOLZ XD
      hahaha I think this is only a shounen-ai ^^ so it’s safe for those who aren’t into BL~~ xD

  6. I have a feeling it’s full of teasers. no actual something
    kissing max ><"

    but it looks cool, like it actually has a story. unlike most BLs
    so, it's somthing to look forward to 😀

  7. i didnt mind togainu no chi even though the only bits i likes were the *yaoi* scenes :3 i bought all the volumes and theres some hot shit in there and the art is way better then the anime ;D i sooooo cant wait till this comes out im a gunna die is its bad or fake!!!!! it looks so good too bad theres only one trailer cause i wanna know more about it ❤

  8. I just went thru all the trouble lookin’ 4 the 1st ova episode of it……..still no clues…..MAN!!!!I’m not really a big fan of yaoi or BL but this trailer has caught my eye….i hope it is just as good as the trailer and if so wish they would make more episodes or somethin’….i’ll b hopin’ 4 the best but not to where i’ll b disappointed real bad….<.<

  9. do they have an offical site that you can go to im so excited but i cant find anything on it except this site and a trailor on youtube

  10. On youtube there is a trailer with all the translations on. and i think it says when it will be comming out. not sure though ):

  11. could someone just plisss say, when is it gonna be released?!!! OMG this thing has many months saying that is was going to release soon but, nothing yet!! omg!! the year is almost over and nothing; if there’s not an exact published date, How come do they dare to start talking about this anime if they do not know for sure!!!!!!!!?? So please do not start speaking about this or any other anime if there’s not a precise date, cuzz the only thing you would expect for sure is a bunch of ppl getting all fuzzy, hoping for whatever it is going to come out and what do they get? NOTHING!!!.

    I just say so, cuzz we as fans, get all disappointed about this kind of inconvinients so……. is not a good thing to do, u know?

    • I KNOW RIGHT??!!! This post is like months ago…and I still don’t have any info on the release date yet.. it’s so frustrating. I’m about to lose hope that this anime will ever get released… and in fact I seriously …almost forgotten that this exist!

      Yeah! can totally relate! D= orz if this production was cancelled they should at least inform us as well so we won’t be aimlessly waiting for it… =/

  12. I am so thrilled about this! I mean it looks awesome! Anyway, what I heard to why it’s taking so long is cause it’s just one person making it, so of course it would take a long time for it to come out with such quality! I am just hoping the people who do the voices for the characters are good, not annoying.

  13. Dude, they have been talking about this for almost a year now and still nothing! Maybe it’s like Ai no Kusabi when they ran out of funding and had to “cancel” it until further notice; except no one gave a thought that they should notify the fans. Let’s hope 2012 is a good year.

    Yaoi for all! Ai no Kusabi is on my wish list this Christmas among a few others including this one.

  14. Read here if you’re still waiting for the anime:

    I’m truly disappointed.

  15. I heard and read on many informational Bl international sites that this anime was coming out December 12, 2011. So plz dont get too fussy!!! Just wait a few more days since its 12/10/11. :3

    • IDK what do you mean by being too fussy… I obviously am not being too fussy about this. If I were, I’ll be making a new entry and write stuff about it =/ but thank you for the information ^^

  16. It’s 2013 now…Anyone know if it’s been put up on a website yet?

  17. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!

  18. its already jan 2012, when it gonna come out. please i really like to see it

    • I’m not sure either… some say it’s only a doujin anime, so chances for it to be aired is none… just hope someone who owns it will share it to us…

      • Yeah hopefully some nice person somwhere out there will share it. ‘Cause I really wanna see it too. That or you can search the internet till its found and share the link here.

      • I feel like with what happened to megaupload, not a whole lot of people are going to risk sharing it with us. 😦
        But if someone did have it, I’m sure Aarin would be the first to let us know.

      • Yes. It’s quite saddening as to what happened in the internet lately. I hope so as well.

  19. OMG when is this coming out………cant wait those guys r sexy…HOT….. SO EXCITED 4 THE SHOW

  20. I really hope it comes online soon. Because sometimes its hard to upload stuff to the net.

  21. aw that is so sad!

  22. I guess all we have to do is sit and wait for this one…Chances are, it won’t come out until a good couple of months.

  23. i heard it was mysteriously stopped mid-way

  24. I’m trying to find it and wait patiently for it to come online.

  25. It’s never gonna happen is it 😦 ?

  26. Sad lyfe. Still waiting for it… (>,:C I wanna watch it so badly ;A;

  27. bastards teased us didnt they …………

  28. OMG its 2012 i checked it up and it is not on!!!

  29. i wanna watch it

  30. i cheaked and its STILL not out, i found more info from 2011 and it appers the chinese goverment is very stricked on cencering stuff, they arnt even aloud to watch the simpsons, its banded!! so this is al WHOOOOLE differnt thing lol i think its one of 2 things, on hold for money reasons, or going threw tons of bullshit from the goverment and its clearly going slowly

  31. damn…. at first, they say it’ll be out on 2011, then this year and now its postponed till 2013…

  32. Nope. Still nothing. I’m beginning to think it was just a tease to get the fangirls worked up. But if it’s only one person making it, well, that makes sense if production is delayed a long way. Then again, this is China so wouldn’t be surprised about that.

  33. Whey haven’t any ting happened yet! it is almost 2013 8==-C

  34. It’s 2013 now!!!! And they said 2011!!!!!!!!!

  35. It is now 2013 when will it be released!! DXx I wanna see it soooo bad!

  36. I really sorry to say this, but…
    The vocaloid China have brought the characters, so maybe… There’s not Reflection of Crescente, in the third PV of China Vocaloid they apear…
    Now I really hate them so badly.
    That’s it, I’m really sorry for who wanted to see it, like me.
    Sore Ja.

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